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Our shingle panel roof system is the result of a 5-year long developing process. We can't improve it any better. 

The shingles are fixed onto a Bangkirai timber frame which measures only 1350 x 500 mm (4' - 5" x 1' - 8"). The weight of the frame + shingles attached to it is just 40 kgs (88 lbs). The in-house developed panel interlocking system guarantees a 100% leak proof roof.  

The frames comprise horizontal and vertical battens whereas the horizontal battens have different thicknesses in height. This is done as to avoid that the shingles will gape (which they will do if they are installed on a frame with battens having all the same thicknesses). Gaping shingles will allow rain water be blown in resulting in leaking.      

The thickness of the shingles that we use is 8 mm (5/16"), which is a guarantee that cracking is virtually ruled out compared to the 3 mm (1/8") and 5 mm (3/16") thick shingles that are often used elsewhere and which may easily crack under constant temperature and humidity changes (rain interspersed with sunny periods and/or season's temperature differences).   

Three types of shingle panels need to be used to cover any type of roof, viz; a base panel which is installed along the fascia board of the roof and two types of intermediate panels which are sequentially installed to the top of the roof starting from the base panels. Each panel fits tightly and is seamlessly interlocked with the sides of the base- and/or sequential panels such that a guaranteed waterproof 3-layer connection is obtained.

Our system allows 2 persons to install the shingle panels one-by-one until the roof is fully covered, rather than the system whereas half or a quarter of a roof section needs to be lifted in place requiring a small crane or a jib. The seams between these large panels are often not waterproof, are damaged and/or broken. With our paneling system such is impossible while the installation is very simple.




Part of a shingle roof made with our seamless panel system




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