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You may be interested in having us prepared a design based on your sketch or ideas, or wish to  buy one of our existing designs for self build and/or for the submission to a Building Department for obtaining a building license. We have 6 options available:

Stage a: Conceptual design
Stage b: Pre design
Stage c: Basic design
Stage d: Detailed design + 3-D render 
Stage e: Construction drawings + technical specifications



You may start with the concept (stage a). After this stage you may decide to proceed with stage b, c, up to stage e, depending on your needs. If you only need a set of drawings for general purposes (own use, or for a request for quotation from a contractor) you only need to add stage b. You may also decide to place a fabrication order after stage a if you are satisfied with the concept. In this case we will refund the design fee that you paid for stage a in full.

In the event that you wish to build by yourself or engage a contractor to build the unit for you based on our drawings you need a full detailed design (stage a thru e) We will not be involved in the prefabrication and/or supply and design fees will not be refunded.    

If you have to comply to local building regulations the Building Authority normally requires the submission of a detailed set of drawings (stage a thru c). In addition the Building Authority may require that a static structural calculation be submitted. We strongly advise you to verify this with your local Building Authority. In the event that such calculation is required we will be able to prepare such calculation against a variation order. If you decide to place a fabrication order after a formal approval has been obtained from the building Authority we will refund the full design fee except the costs for the structural calculation (if needed).   

We will also be able to add the design drawings for the electrical and/or plumbing installation against  variation order.

If you have questions or need explanations or clarifications do not hesitate to contact us. Click <here>   



Stage a: Conceptual design

Conceptual design comprising a simple plan with overall dimensions and two elevations. No cross sections and details will be provided. The concept comprises only one plan. Small changes or modifications will be accepted, however, in the event of drastic changes, a modified concept will be drafted against a variation order of 10% of the fee due for this stage, a fee which is non refundable. The same holds for a 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. concept. During the conceptual design we will in broad lines consult on the program of requirements (if available). A ballpark figure on the cost for the house will be submitted.


Stage b: Pre design

The pre-design. This stage comprises the preparation of the plan in more detail, worked out elevations, a few cross sections, type of windows and doors and if so required we will prepare a pre-design structural calculation. We will consult in detail on the program of requirements (if available). The main structural dimensions will be determined in this stage. The client may request for changes as long as these changes do  not change the concept. The maximum time spent on changes shall not be more than 10% of the fee due  In the event that more changes are being requested a similar procedure will be applied as mentioned in Stage a (*).

*) Restrictions need to be made for the USA Counties. All of the designs for a County need to be rubber stamped by a local architect or engineer. The client may at his own discretion engage an architect or engineer of his choice, or alternatively may ask help from our company for rubber stamping against an additional fee.


Stage c: Basic design

Stage c is the basic design stage. Stage c is recognized by the detailing of the structure, preparation of cross sections, typical details, foundation, worked out floor plans, windows, doors, etc. During this stage final late changes are still allowed, however, to a maximum time spent of 5% of the fee due. Time spent in excess shall be reimbursed against a variation order similar to Stage a. Once the client has approved the basic design a detailed structural calculation may need to be prepared (*). No changes to the drawings will be possible unless the client agrees against a payment of USD 50./hour to accomplish these changes


Stage d: Detailed design

Stage d is the final design phase. Drawings will be worked out into fully detailed construction drawings (contractor's drawings) and foundation plans added.  


Stage e: Construction drawings and technical specifications

In stage e  the technical specifications will be drafted, detailed foundation plans worked out and plumbing and electrical plans added 


Structural calculation;

The structural calculation will be prepared in accordance with the IBC 2009 (latest USA codes) and will include an analysis for cyclone wind load resistance and/or earthquake loads if such is a mandatory requirement by the Building Authority depending on the location you will build 


General note: 

Our design options offer the opportunity for a client who does not wish to engage an architect or engineer to obtain a design straight from the shelf.  During the course of the preparation of the conceptual design we will  constantly involve you as to lead us to a design that will satisfy you. We will e-mail you our drawings as we progress whereas you will have the full opportunity to inform us what you require us to change, modify, add or delete up to the point that you are happy. In fact you design how you want it. After this we freeze the concept and continue with the basic design followed by the detailed design, etc.


Drawing format:

AutoCAD version 2009. The drawings can be printed in any format or size. We will also submit the full set in pdf - A3- format 


How to order a design

You may download the design package cost calculation sheet (see below), or ask us a quotation based on the selected stages shown above. Once you are in accord with the price you and we have received the deign fee payment we will e-mail the design package (*).

(*) Not all of our models have a readily available design in place. A number of them still needs to be designed in detail. We will inform you about the time required to accomplish this.   

And remember..............We will refund the full design fee if a fabrication order materializes !!!!


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