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"Prefab Bali Houses, Bali style Homes, Gazebos & ECO Cottages"

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Our Bali Prefab Houses (Bali style Homes) are made based on more than 40-years of experience in the Prefab Timber Knockdown world. We succeeded in producing our Bali Prefab Houses at a very low price, which are very easy to re-assemble with little manpower. No need to engage a contractor to re-assemble the house at your end. Our Prefabricated Bali Houses have been developed in such a way that you can easily re-assemble them by yourself.

The Timber Knockdown Houses shown on our Bali Prefab Houses web pages have all been designed by our staff of architects and engineers and are produced in our factory in Bali. 

Since the start in 2000 we have exported our Bali Prefab Houses to Hawaii, the Caribbean (US Virgin Islands, Barbados, St. Martin, Sta. Lucia, Cayman islands), the Pacific (Fiji islands, Tonga), South Africa, Panama, Turkey, Greece, Colombia (island of San Andres) ......and the end is not in sight.

Browse thru our web site starting at the Timber Prefab Products page or go directly to the Prefab Bali Houses page to view a vast amount of models, pictures, drawing and construction detail photos of our Bali Prefab Houses.

Indoprefab ia a daughter company of Bali Prefab World and together with Bali Woodworks associated with its parent company Bali Woodworld.

The floor plans shown on our model pages cannot be enlarged. If you wish to review all drawings of a certain model (floor plans and elevations) you need to link to our new web site (with exactly the same models and much more information). Click <here> to be linked to this new state-of-the-art site.

The current exorbitant high prices for raw local tropical hardwood may not be of further interest to consider building a wooden prefab house in Bali or Lombok, except for the traditional Lumbungs and wooden houses built from full coconut wood. The square meter price for the traditional style of building houses (bricks, concrete, etc) is lower than such for a similar building in tropical hardwood. We are well capable of building a house in Bali, Lembongan or Lombok with traditional building materials based on the design of any model you will find on our web site. We build for a generally accepted standard low price
. For more information <e-mail us>    

Need a quotation based on your own design? Read this first <quotations>

Have a look at this beautiful and stunning "one of its kind" development on the island of Lombok, Indonesia. Click <here> to view the site. Please return to our web site by clicking our link on Kuta Height's "Building" page

Each model shown has a link to inquire for the full price list of all models.

<Contact us> if you have any question or require any clarification .


A glimpse of the iceberg of our Bali Timber Knockdown Houses











  By clicking the link you will switch to our NEW WEB SITE showing many more models (over 90), or continue on this web site starting with the <1-bedroom pages>   



We are bombarded with price inquiries for our Bali Prefab Houses. At receipt of any inquiry based on the models shown on our web site we will e-mail our standard price list. However, we also regularly receive price inquiries which bear all the marks of a "tender" or a "competitive bid procedure". You may guess that the preparation of these quotations is very time consuming. Needless to say that these generally large quotations may cost us 2 to 3 weeks to prepare with a slim chance of winning the bid (the more contenders, the lower the chance of becoming the successful bidder). In conclusion we will only accept a request for a quotation based on a tender or competitive bid procedure provided a firm commitment on an order is in place or our time spent for the preparation is reimbursed. The same holds for a quotation based on a client's own design, architect's design or changes/modifications to our standard designs which do not reflect our prefab system or contain insufficient details. In such case we may need to convert such design to our prefab system first before we are able to prepare a quotation. More info about this on our tailor made page <Tailor made wooden prefab houses>

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   Contact Information

You may contact us thru one of the contact numbers or the address shown below should you have any question or should you require any further information.




Opening hours  7 days per week from 08.30 to 17.00  




 Call us via Skype:

 Skype ID: baliprefabworld

Before contacting us via Skype, please read this first:

You may contact us via Skype for product and/or pricing information, however,  do not contact us via Skype in an attempt to sell a product or propose services. In addition we will not respond to spam messages. The aforementioned contact requests will be blocked immediately and indecent proposals be reported to the skype abuse team.
We advise you to add this note for a first skype contact request: "Bona fide user".  If you have a product to sell you may contact us via our regular e-mail address (see below).      


Telephone  Via the international line:
 + 62 361 460181 (local call: 460181)

 For projects in Indonesia:
 (0361) 7423803  (Int'l: + 62 361 7423803), or
 0812 36 33 617 (Int'l: + 62 812 36 33 617)

 Best time to contact us:
 From 0.00 GMT to 09.00 GMT

Visit and postal address
 Bali Prefab Houses
 BR. Sigaran (*),  Desa Sedang
 Badung - Abiansemal
 Jl. Kamboja No. 26

Our location is not easy to find. We have prepared a  special page for those who want to visit us where a map and a route description can be downloaded. Click <here>

(*) There are two BR. Sigaran's in Bali. One in Mambal and one in Sedang. The latter is the correct one.


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